My 10 Product Beauty Routine


Lately, I’ve noticed a major change in the beauty industry based on how women and young girls actually utilize makeup. For many, makeup used to be the key element in enhancing one’s beauty but most importantly to hide flaws!

However, today, I’m noticing that more and more people see makeup as a form of creative expression and a way of completely transforming one’s look. I mean, search the hashtag “beauty” or “makeup” on Instagram and what do you see!? A sea of what seems to be millions of Kylie Jenner’s flooding your feed. With just pounds of makeup, literally anyone can transform their faces, creating the perfect “Kylie Jenner” look. It’s quite extraordinary, actually. Today, makeup is more than merely what it stands for; to “make one up.” Instead, it’s becoming pop culture’s tool to changing not only the way people look but how they feel as well.

For me, makeup remains as…

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