Fashion Goes Viral


New York Fashion Week never happened if at least one photo failed to be posted on Instagram, right?

At least that’s the ideology stuck in the minds of most of today’s fashion lovers lining the runways.

After an hour spent patiently waiting to be seated, intently staring at the crowd of photographers setting up at the end of the runway and attempting to squeeze between the two narrow place slots where my seat was located, the moment finally arrived. The lights dimmed, the music began to play, and within seconds, the opening look of Francesca Liberatore’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection came strutting down the crisp, white runway. Excited to be seated in the second row of my very first fashion show, I leaned forward as my eyes attempted to follow the design swiftly walking toward me.

However, something did not feel right.

Rather than feeling as if I was actually sitting in the second row of my very first…

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