Earth-toned striped sweaters, floral-embroidered denim and graphic tees featuring famous 1970s typefaces teleport Madewell stores back 40 years ago.

I’ve been saying this for quite some time now; the fashion industry is going back in time to reinvent looks of the past and to create what we will some day consider the staples of the 2010s. It’s as if the 2010s do not actually have their own identity. Rather, the decade is a cluster of all of the identities that came before it.

Though, on ciarralorren, I’ve placed a major emphasis on the recent wave of 1990s fashion resurfacing in the streets and in stores, there has been an overwhelmingly successful influence of the 1970s style within the fashion industry.

We’ve all witnessed the effect, as top designers like Michael Kors and Prada sent 1970s-inspired styles down their Spring/Summer 2017 Collections last fall.

However, I never quite…

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